Idea: keyboard for taking notes at meetings

OK, here’s another gadget I want. Someone please make this and offer it for sale at a reasonable price, please, so I can buy one.

It would pretty much be a computer keyboard, with a built-in one or two line LCD display. When attached to a computer, it functions as a normal keyboard. However, you can disconnect it from the computer, and take it with you to meetings. There, you can type notes, which you can see, and do simple editing of, using the LCD display. The device stores the notes, and when you return to your computer and reconnect it, it uploads those to the computer.

No need for fancy software on the computer, either. The device could upload them by simply sending them as keystrokes, so you just have to go into whatever program you use to store notes, and hit the “upload” button on the keyboard.

A one or two line LCD display would be sufficient, because you aren’t meant to use this to take elaborate formatted notes. It is just mainly for writing down all those short action items that you acquire in meetings, and is for those of us who just suck at taking handwritten notes and suck even more at reading those notes later.

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