OnSwipe Sucks

I have nothing really to blog about. I just created this blog on WordPress.com so I could see if there was some way blog owners could disable inflicting OnSwipe on iPad users.

There is (iPad settings under “Appearance” in your blog settings).

Now when I tell people whose blogs shit OnSwipe onto my iPad that their blog sucks on iPad, I can also tell them how they can fix it.

UPDATE: if you are wondering why there are a bunch of posts whose dates precede the date of this post, even though this post claims to be the first post on this blog, it is because I imported a bunch of posts from an older blog I had.

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7 Responses to OnSwipe Sucks

  1. Mohammed Reghaset says:

    Thanks Tim! Please do more to spread the word – it seems that people are getting confused by this…

  2. Tim says:

    Fuck OnSwipe.

  3. Tech Tête says:

    Can’t even log into Onswipe and it doesn’t update new posts. It’s a GREAT idea the FAILED

  4. Tech Tête says:

    OnSwipe Competitor Pressly Launches On Toronto Sun and Aims For 1 Billion Flips Per Month

  5. Tech Tête says:

    Here is a great article about OnSwipe

    Why Pressly Will Overtake OnSwipe

  6. glasspusher says:

    Well said. One of my biggest complaints about onswipe is opting out is not the default. The iPad does a great job of rendering wep pages. I would say that incourages good web page design. Onswipe is right up there with those annoying “would you like to add this to your home page” stupid popups.

  7. Dan says:

    Every freakin blog or article that uses onswipe is completely unreadable. Text columns halfway off the page, with ads over top od and images underneath the text. I always have to switch to desktop mode. You’d think they’d want it to work on an iPad running the latest iOS version, but I guess they don’t care.

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