Slugfest Chess: fighting for a win every game

Some people think that there are too many draws in high-level chess (55% of games among players rated over 2500 end in draws, according to this Wikipedia article)

Over the years, various proposals have been made to reduce the frequency of draws, often involving tinkering with the rules of the game.

Clint Ballard has proposed an interesting change, not to the rules of the game, but to how the game is scored for purposes of determining rank in tournaments, so that players will have a much stronger incentive to play for a win. He’s putting his money where is mouth is, and sponsoring tournaments using his scoring system.

More information can be found on his blog:
Slugfest Chess: fighting for a win every game.

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The Adventures of Pete & Pete

I somehow managed to overlook this. The first season of The Adventures of Pete & Pete was released on DVD in the middle of last year, and the second season was released in November.

Unfortunately, there were only two seasons (a mix of regular episodes and specials), plus assorted shorts. It was a strange show, the kind of show you’d get if you took the writers of Malcolm In The Middle and gave them enough drugs to make the show surreal and weird.

Now to find the right time to watch these discs. Ideally, these are discs best watched with you most weird, offbeat, and fun friend.

I’ve got someone in mind, but I don’t think I’ll ask him, as the last N times, for some value of N approaching infinity, that I’ve asked him to watch something with me on TV or at the movies, he’s said yes, but then it never comes to pass.

The net result is that I usually end up putting off watching the show for weeks or months, until one day he casually mentions that he bought it and watched it weeks ago, but didn’t tell me. By then I’m so pissed off, that the show is ruined for me.

So I think I’d better watch these alone. I don’t want yet another great show ruined.

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